For more than 10 years, BBQ Masters has been serving up big, made-to-order award winning BBQ fare stuffed with the freshest ingredients. During that time, we've developed a very loyal customer following. BBQ Masters now has nearly 3 BBQ store concepts in Georgia in the southern U.S., and we want to grow! That is why BBQ Masters is actively recruiting passionate franchisees (like you!) to help us reach 50 BBQ franchises by 2015.

BBQ Masters Franchises Offer:

  • Low start-up franchise costs
  • High average unit volumes
  • Unique deli style service model
  • Fresh, superior quality ingredients and Sauces
  • Simple operations and small footprint
  • Unmatched corporate support and training
  • Single and Multi-Unit Opportunities Available

BBQ Masters, A Great Franchise Investment!

At BBQ Masters, we are excited about offering one of the best investment opportunities for our franchisees. With nine quarters of positive same-store-sales, we consider ourselves one of the most successful franchise investments in the BBQ category. Our passion is for the best ingredients - we want our franchisees to be proud of what they serve and we want our customers to keep coming back for more.

Here's why you should invest in a BBQ Masters Franchise:

  • Low start-up costs
  • Average unit volume of 1.5 million restaurant with catering over 2 to 3 million potentially
  • Best-in-class Franchise Support Team
  • 2-to-1 sales-to-investment ratio

We strive to make BBQ Masters one of the best franchise opportunities available. BBQ Masters launched a strategic plan to continue growing the brand in existing Georgia markets, as well as an introduction into new cities across Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Ohio and Texas. To help fuel our growth and make BBQ Masters one of the best franchise opportunities available, we offer access to $5 million in financing to qualified candidates.

Additionally, the debut of our new restaurant design highlights the BBQ inspired, one-on-one style service that sets BBQ Masters apart from all other BBQ franchises.


BBQ Masters franchisees share our passion for creating an exceptional experience for all BBQ lovers and at BBQ Masters, we support our franchises every step of the way. The entire BBQ Masters team is focused on helping each franchisee fulfill their passion.

BBQ Masters Offers:

  • An extensive field operations support team
  • Franchisee assistance with site selection
  • Comprehensive restaurant design specifications
  • Approved general contractors, equipment vendors, architectural services
  • Management and franchisee training programs
  • Extensive marketing, including social media, email campaigns and grand opening events
  • A franchisee training center in our Riverdale Georgia corporate location
  • A culture that promotes a fun and engaging environment

Invest With BBQ Masters

BBQ Masters franchisees are often raving fans of the brand. To join our team, you should be passionate and dedicated to creating a business that serves its community and guests. In fact, a large number of BBQ Masters should be, and continue to be, raving fans before becoming a BBQ Masters franchisee.

The Financial Basics

  • Franchisee fee of $15,000 to $25,000
  • Initial investment costs ranges from $246,000 to $414,500.
  • Minimum liquid assets of $150,000 (individual); $450,000 (3 or more restaurants)
  • Minimum net worth of $300,000 (individual); $900,000 (3 or more restaurants)
  • Royalty Fee 5%

BBQ Masters Franchise Cost Low High
Initial Franchise Fee's
Marketing Start-Up Fee
Leasehold Improvement Costs
Real Estate/Lease Deposit
Equipment, Fixtures & Signs
Exterior Signage
Electronic Cash Register/Retail Information System
Architectural Fees
Miscellaneous Opening Costs
Opening Inventory
Travel & Living Expenses While Traveling
Additional Funds for First 3 Months of Operations
Total Estimated Initial Franchise Investment Costs


7 Easy Steps To Owning Your BBQ Masters


Complete our quick and easy online application.


Once we receive your application we will reach out to you. Expect to hear from our Franchise Sales team.


We will send you the (required) Franchise Disclosure Document. You just sign and return the receipt acknowledgment.


We recommend that you have discussions with existing franchise owner to review business plans and perform an analysis of the BBQ Masters business model in order to do your own diligence. It is also advisable that you have legal and financial advice on any business transaction.


You will then be scheduled for a "Join the Team Day" to meet with the BBQ Masters senior management team at our Support Center facility in Riverdale Georgia.

Sign Up

Candidate signs the Franchise Agreement or Restaurant Development Agreement and pays the initial fee, which enables you to buy a franchise.

Build Your Future

Franchisee locates a potential new site, the site is evaluated, training is scheduled, construction starts and upon completion of construction, your new restaurant opens for business.


Frequently Asked Franchise Questions About Opening And Owning A BBQ Masters

Q. What are the minimum Financial Requirements to qualify?
A. A minimum net worth of $300,000 with at least $100,000 liquid for a single BBQ Masters restaurant development. For Area Development territories for 3 or more restaurants, a minimum net worth of $900,000 with at least $450,000 liquid.

Q. How much will it cost to build a BBQ Masters restaurant?
A. Costs vary greatly due to the store size, age of the building, & regional restrictions. Investment ranges are between $264,000 to $414,500.

Q. Does BBQ Masters offer financing?
A. To help fuel our growth, BBQ Masters offers new and existing franchisees access to financing for qualified candidates. Yes

Q. How much money can I expect to make?
A. BBQ Masters does provide financial performance representations in our FDD (Item 19). However, profitability will depend considerably upon the franchisees ability to manage the day-to-day operations and finances as well as factors specific to each location such as occupancy, local store marketing costs, labor costs, and the potential for sales.

Q. What is the Royalty Fee?
A. Five (5%) percent of your gross sales.

Q. What is the Marketing Fee?
A. BBQ Masters currently collects two (2%) percent of your gross sales; however, the franchise agreement allows for the flexibility to increase the advertising fee, not to exceed a total of 5%.

Q. What is the typical BBQ Masters restaurant size?
A. The typical store size is 1,200 to 1,500 square feet.

Q. How many seats does a typical BBQ Masters restaurant have?
A. 15-25 interior; 10-15 exterior

Q. How is my site evaluated?
A. You are responsible for finding a location that meets the site criteria of BBQ Masters. We do work closely with you in the site selection process.

Q. When can I expect to be profitable?
A. It varies by location and market as well as franchisee management. As in any business, we cannot predict earnings or profitability for you.

Q. How involved am I in the development and construction process?
A. You will work closely with our design and construction resources that will assist you in selecting architects, contractors, and equipment vendors. BBQ Masters will keep in close contact so that we can check the progress in the developing location.

Q. Can I build multiple restaurants?
A. Yes! We encourage potential franchisees to consider develop and operate multiple locations.

Q. Who will train me to operate a BBQ Masters?
A. We have a training team that offers a comprehensive four (4) week training program that includes training in: Management Training, Brand Training, and Management Certification.

Q. After my restaurant is up and running, what kind of support will I receive?
A. Our Franchise Service Managers (FSMs) and Regional Marketing Managers (RMMs) are in place to provide you with the required assistance.

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