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When the camera's rolling and the action begins, BBQ Masters is on cue to provide all your catering and craft service needs in the greater Atlanta area and beyond.

Specializing in catering and craft services for feature films, TV, commercials, promos, music videos and live events, we'll keep your cast and crew well fed, hydrated and happy throughout your shoot.

Packages are available in a range of budgets and we can accommodate special dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free/wheat-free. We rent all the equipment you'll need, so there's no need to call all over town for tents, tables and serving pieces.

From "just the basics" to elaborate spreads, hot passed trays and gourmet cast trailer baskets, BBQ Masters provides everything you need behind the scenes to make your production a success on screen. Please note, all orders for craft services, either Drop-Off or Full-Service, must be placed 24 hours in advance of your call time.

For smaller crews of 20 (minimum) to 45 (maximum), our Drop-Off service is a professional and economical way to go. This service is ideal for lower budget photo or video shoots or one-day TV and film production that remains in one location and takes less than 12 hours.

This option comes with coffee and beverage service and a variety of snacks appropriate for breakfast, mid-morning, after lunch and late afternoon. Three levels of menu items are available to meet all budgets and accommodate the particular preferences of your cast and crew, including special dietary restrictions.

We'll deliver refreshments to your set 30 minutes before your call time in shrink-wrapped baskets to make it easy for you or your PA staff to replenish and maintain the craft service table throughout the day. Each day, we'll pick up and replace linens, baskets and bins to help you keep the table looking fresh.

Do you need to rent tents, tables, coolers, serving baskets or other equipment? We offer a complete Drop-Off Equipment Rental Kit, or you may rent individual items. (Separate Equipment Rental fees will apply.) See our Equipment Rental section for more details.

Please note: Shopping and Prep Fee may apply based on availability of requested items or for shoots more than one day.

  • Delivery Fee may apply depending on location and order size.
  • Set Up and Breakdown Fee may apply for shoots with multiple locations.

Take a look at our packages.

Full Service

For larger crews of at least 45 people and/or shoots lasting more than 12 hours or on multiple days and/or multiple locations, our Full-Service craft option is the best way to set your mind at ease.

Leave the work to us, as our experienced full-time attendant will cater to all your craft service needs - replenishing, restocking and tidying the food and beverage area throughout the day. We will replace linens, snack baskets and containers each day, or as often as needed, to keep the area looking fresh. Additional attendant's) will be required for groups larger than 80 or 130.

We'll work with you before your contract date to make sure we've prepared all specialties and goodies your cast and crew might desire. Three levels of menu items are available to meet all budgets and cast and crew preferences, including healthy choices and special dietary restrictions.

With our Full-Service craft option, you may also add to any package a "Gourmet Passes" selection-tray service of hot and/or specially prepared items.

When you select our Full-Service option, we select and set up all the craft equipment you'll need for an efficient and professional dining area that pampers your cast and crew. Charges for equipment rental and attendants are in addition to your selected package price per person. Additional fees may apply for stocking and delivery.

Full-Service Attendants Rates: $300 per day (up to 10 hours) $350 per day (up to 12 hours). Additional $30 per hour required for 12-15 hour days.

  • Assistant Attendant (Required for more than 80 people): $325 per day (up to 12 hours)
  • 3rd Assistant (Required for more than 130 people): $325 per day (up to 12 hours)

Each of the following packages are available with either Drop-Off and Full-Service Craft Services. Each package includes daily replacement of tablecloths, snack baskets and containers to keep the craft services area looking fresh.

Please note, we require 24-hour notice on all packages.

BBQ Masters Basic

  • BBQ Masters : $10 per person per day (minimum of 20 people)
  • This package is ideal for those who wish to provide basic craft service on a budget. The Basic package includes:
    • Coffee and Tea Service
    • Assorted Soft Drinks and Bottled Water
    • Basic Craft Service Snack Assortment
  • Items may include an assortment of Danish and pastries, granola or nutrition bars, assorted cereals, yogurt, fruit juices, pretzels, chips and salsa or dips, nuts, assorted cookies and candies, trail mix, dried fruit, fresh fruit and veggies. Exact assortment will vary daily

BBQ Masters Deluxe: $15 per person per day (minimum of 20 people)

  • This package offers a more comprehensive craft service assortment with a wider variety of snacks that are appropriate for various times of the day. The Deluxe package includes:
    • Premium Coffee and Tea Service (what is premium about it?)
    • Assorted Soft Drinks and Bottled Water
    • Assorted Meat, Cheese and Veggie Platters
    • Deluxe Craft Service Snack Assortment
  • The early morning table may include an assortment of Danish, pastries, bagels muffins, fresh fruit, granola bars and cereals. Mid-morning snacks may include cheese and crackers, trail mix, fresh fruit, hummus tray, cottage cheese, yogurt pretzels, dried snack fruits, chips and salsa/dips. After-lunch choices include a variety of cookies, rice crispy treats, candies, pudding, fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, applesauce, and sports and nutrition bars. Exact assortment will vary daily.

BBQ Masters Premium: $20 per person per day (minimum of 20 people)

  • This premium package offers all the basic necessities plus a variety of more substantial snack items, organic selections and healthier options, as well as some special treats. The Premium package includes:
    • Gourmet Coffee and Tea Service (how is gourmet coffee different from premium?)
    • Assorted Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Sports Drinks and Cold Teas
    • Bagel and "deploy" Platter
    • Assorted Meat, Cheese and Veggie Platters
    • Premium Craft Service Snack Assortment
    • Healthy Options Tray (Includes variety of vitamins, herbal supplements, immune system boosters and other items)
  • The early morning table includes a wide selection of Danish, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, bagels, cream cheeses and lox, an assortment of cereal, dried fruit, fresh fruit platters, and a yogurt buffet with fresh fruit, nuts and toppings. Mid-morning snacks include meat and cheese platters, trail mix, fresh fruit, deviled eggs, beef and turkey jerky, a large assortment of dried snack items, gourmet chips and dips, and fresh vegetable platters. Afternoon snacks may include an assortment of cookies and candies, pudding, granola and nutrition bars, trail mix, nuts, and more. Special items might include an afternoon Red Bull and juice bar or Hot Spiced Cider for a cold and rainy shoot. Exact assortment will vary daily.

Equipment rental is available with both our Full-Service or Drop-Off options.

Drop-Off Equipment Rental: You may choose to rent our complete Drop-Off Equipment Rental Kit for $75 per day or $325 per week, or rent items individually.

The Drop-Off Equipment Kit includes a 10x10 catering tent, folding tables, industrial coffee makers and airports, ice chests, beverage dispensers, trays, baskets, and serving utensils. Individual rental items are listed below. ($300 deposit required).

Full-Service Equipment Rental: When you select our full-service option (required for crews of 45 or more), we will provide all of the necessary craft service equipment items for you for $100 per day or $550 per week ($300 deposit required).

This Full-Service Equipment Rental Kit includes a 10x10 catering tent, folding tables, industrial coffee makers and airports, ice chests, beverage dispensers, trays, baskets, and serving utensils as well as a griddle, blender, toaster.

Ibiza Bites has the following equipment available for rental. Please inquire for individual prices.

  • Airports, Coffee
  • Cutting Board
  • Hot Pads
  • Baskets, Assorted
  • Dolly
  • Scissors/Knives, Cutting
  • Beverage Dispensers, Cold
  • Extension Cord (Stinger)
  • Storage Bin, Large
  • Beverage Dispenser, Hot
  • First Aid Kit (Basic)
  • Storage Bin, Medium
  • Blender
  • Griddle
  • Storage Bin, Small
  • Bowls Serving, Assorted
  • Ice Chest, Large
  • Table, Folding
  • Can/Bottle Opener
  • Ice Chest, Medium
  • 10 x 10 Canopy/Tent
  • Cart
  • Dispenser, Condiment
  • Toaster
  • Coffee Maker (Commercial)
  • Dispenser, Dry Food
  • Trash Cans
  • Containers, Novelty
  • Dispenser, Hot Water
  • Trays, Assorted
  • Airpots, Coffee
  • Dispenser, Napkin
  • Utensils (Serving) Assorted
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